• Eliminates cold floors
  • Reduces heating costs from 25%
    to 40%
  • Virtually eliminates moisture and
    potential mold at the slab edge
  • Completes the ‘Thermal Blanket
    Envelope’ of energy code

Backed by Science

“…It is important to have a complete thermal
break at the slab…we found Insul Slab virtually
eliminates heat loss at the slab edge….”

Professor Don Mueller
Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne


Wrap your slab with a blanket of Insul Slab

House wrapped in a scarf

Patent Pending

  • Easily installed
  • Patented engineered pier-beam system
  • Works with virtually any slab forming system as a liner
  • Reduces carbon footprint every year for life of home

Backed by results

“…I have monitored the heat loss on an Insul Slab
home against a home without Insul Slab. Insul
Slab is a game changer ….”

Rod Schaeffer
Custom Assured Mechanical